A typical booth at one of our Antique showsA corner of our Antique ShopWe’re ready to help you, new collector or advanced.

A typical booth at one of our Antique shows

A corner of our Antique Shop

We’re ready to help you, new collector or advanced.

Antiques in Manchester: The Collector’s Fair

August 8th and 9th 2019

The antiques enthusiasts  place to be in early August is surely in Manchester, NH, though many collectors of early, high quality material have become frustrated by the confusing and even dizzying number of venues that promise what they fail to deliver…quality.  When it became apparent to knowledgeable dealers of established reputation  that the quantity of shows with low standards was beginning to discourage the serious collector from coming to Manchester, they took action, and this show, now in it’s fourth year is the result.  If you would prefer to find only quality material, offered by dealers who know their stuff and stand behind it, without having to wade through a nearly endless parade of, well, dare we say it, junk, then give this  show a look. A quick review of the dealer list should convince you that this show  is worth checking out.  For further information and dealer list visit www.thecollectorsfair.com.

[And, as always, all NH sales are tax free.  This show also offers easy free parking, among the many other added benefits.]

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