Books About Delftware

Generalized Reference Works:

  • Tin Glazed Pottery by Alan Caiger-Smith.
    Very good survey on world wide production of all tin glazed pottery. Out of Print.
  • Delftware at Historic Deerfield, 1600-1800 by Amanda E. Lange.
    A good general work mostly covering the collection at Historic Deerfield.
  • Majolica, Delft and Faience by Guiseppe Scavizzi.
    A general survey of tin glazed pottery.
  • Collecting European Delft and Faience by Diana Imber

References Primarily on Dutch Delftware:

  • Delfts Aardewerk. Geschiedenis van een national product by
    Marion S. van Aken-Fehmers, Loet A. Schledorn, Anne-Geerke Hesselink and Titus M. Eliëns.
    Written in Dutch. Covers the collection at the National Museum In the Hague.
  • Delfts Aardewerk. Geschiedenis van een national product, deel 2 by
    Marion S. van Aken-Fehmers and Loet A. Schledorn.
    Written in Dutch. Covers the collection at the National Museum In the Hague.
  • The Lavino Collection by Meijer Lavino
    Mediocre pictures of one of the world’s best collections.
  • Delft Ceramics by C.H. deJonge.
    Probably the best book to begin with. Out of Print and in demand.
  • Delftware by H. P. Fourest.
    Illustrates the best examples.
  • Delft – Niederlandische Fayence by D. F. Lunsingh Scheurleer.
    Written in German. Quite extensively illustrated with an extreme range of examples.
  • Les Faience de Delft by Jan Boyazoglu and Louis de Neuville.
    Written in French, but shows most common forms.
  • The Catalog of the Dutch Delft collection at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels by Helbig.
    Very useful for analyzing the decorative techniques of specific artists.
    Hard to find – long out of print.
  • Dated Dutch Delftware by Jan Daniel van Dam – Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
    A good book on dated pieces.
    Not nearly as comprehensive as Lipski, but great photos and descriptions.
    Quite inexpensive.
  • Marks on Delft Pottery by Jean Justice.
    A very good book on Dutch Delft marks.
  • Nederlandse Majolica by Dingeman Korf.
    Written in Dutch covering the range of the early Dutch production.
  • Delft Majolica by Dingeman Korf.
    Quite good on early material.
    Basically the above-mentioned book in English and in paperback.
  • Dutch Majolica and Delftware from Edwin van Drecht Collection by Scholten.
    A wonderful book on a great collection of early material.

References Primarily on English Delftware:

  • Delftware-Collectors’ Pieces by John Bedford.
    A very basic beginner’s book.
  • Early English Delftware from London to Virginia by Ivor Noel Hume.
    Quite dry, but informative.
  • English Delftware by F.H. Garner & Michael Archer.
    Very Informative. Out of Print.
  • Dated English Delftware by Louis Lipski & Michael Archer.
    Very good for attaching dates to forms and decorative styles.
  • Glaisher Collection Catalog by Bernard Rackham.
    A classic broad ranging English collection.
  • English Delftware Pottery by Anthony Ray.
    Good text. Out of print.
  • English Delftware in the Bristol Collection by Frank Britton.
    Out of print, good photos but has its share of undocumented opinion.
  • Fair as China Dishes by Michael Archer & Brian Morgan.
    Somewhat limited scope, but good. Out of print.
  • London Delftware by Frank Britton.
    Useful but dry study of the production of the London potteries.
  • British Delft at Williamsburg by John Austin.
    Good coverage of their extensive collections.
  • Irish Delftware from An Exhibition of 18th Century Irish Delftware at Castletown House, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.
    Good photos of Irish Delft.
  • Blue Dash Chargers by E. A. Downman.
    Very hard to find, long out of print.
  • Delftware – the Tin Glazed Earthenware of the British Isles by Michael Archer.
    Excellent general work with an easy to use format for researching objects.
    Also a good learning tool because of the multitude of photographs and clear
    scholarly discussion of forms in general as well as each object specifically.
  • English Delftware by Anthony Ray.
    Best bang for the buck, lots of color photos.
  • The Longridge Collection.
    Best of the best. Wonderful photography.
  • Irish Delftware, An Illustrated History by Peter Francis.

References on Tiles:

  • Dutch Tiles by C. H. deJonge.
    Quite good, out of print.
  • Dutch Tiles in the Philadelphia Museum of Art by Schaap.
    Good, especially on the early material.
  • English Delftware Tiles by Anthony Ray.
    Good. Out of Print and hard to find.
  • English tin-Glazed Tiles by Jonathan Horne
  • Biblical Tiles by Jan Pluis.
    A great comprehensive study.
  • Dutch Floral Tiles by Ella Schaap.
    Quite good but specialized.
  • Delftware Tiles by Hans van Lemmen

References on Apothecary Jars:

  • Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute by J.K. Crellin.
    Very informative and excellent photos for identification. Out of print.
  • Apothecary Jars by Rudolph E. A. Drey.
    Out of Print.

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