Sweetmeat Dish

A mid 18th century Liverpool delft three compartment sweetmeat dish decorated with flowers centered in each compartment and surrounded by a diapered border.

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Blue Dash Charger

This charger bears a very rare decorative motif with an Archer (or possibly Cupid). He is posed in a woodland scene of sponged trees, standing on an aqua blue field, the rim encircled with yellow and the typical blue dash edge.

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Duke of Ormond Blue Dash Charger

This Bristol delft Blue Dash Charger depicts the historic figure of the second Duke of Ormond, James Butler, who became Captain-General of the English land forces in 1711. He was later involved in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715. The Duke stands on a field of aqua blue in his armor, holding his baton, between sponged tree, all surrounded by a blue, yellow and blue dash border.

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