Sweetmeat Dish

A mid 18th century Liverpool delft three compartment sweetmeat dish decorated with flowers centered in each compartment and surrounded by a diapered border.

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Liverpool Puzzle Jug

Drinking games such as the ones that used puzzle jugs were very popular in the 17th, 18th and 19th century. The standard rhyme tells it all: Here Gentlemen Come Try Your Skill I'll Lay a Wager if You Will That You Don't Drink This Liquor All Without You Spill or Let Some Fall Of course, the puzzle is how to drink from this cup without spilling it on yourself. The neck of the jug is perforated which, definitely, adds a challenge. Especially if one is already ineberiated. This particular puzzle jug is done in blue and white with well articulated flowers by the handle, and dashes along the rim, handle and neck.

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Blue Dash Charger

This charger bears a very rare decorative motif with an Archer (or possibly Cupid). He is posed in a woodland scene of sponged trees, standing on an aqua blue field, the rim encircled with yellow and the typical blue dash edge.

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